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Our Virtual Executives are here to help you succeed.

Our Virtual Executives have many years of experience and are subject matter experts (SMEs) who are well equipped to take your business to the next level. Working with a Virtual Executive is simple we work directly and exclusively for you.

BIRG Services the Source for Quality Business Management and Consulting Virtual Executives.

One of the biggest issues that businesses face is training higher level executives. It can take years if not decades to train an employee and promote then through the ranks to the level of executive or even a managerial position. Sometimes you don’t have that kind of time, unfortunate events happen in life.

These events can lead to the need for an executive position needing to be filled immediately. When that happens and you can’t find anywhere to turn, BIRG is here for you. We will successfully match your needs through a detailed list of questions and possible interviews with one of our experienced, educated and well trained virtual executives.

We can provide services as long as you need regardless of the time frame, and we have employees which can fill any of your positions no matter what the needs are. Below is a list of some of the positions which we can help you with in your endeavors. Top Requested Positions to be filled by a BIRG Virtual Executive

1. Accounting – If you’re suffering in the way of keeping the numbers straight or having a hard time at find accurate and reliable accountants we have some of the best in the industry. Our accountants are skilled in handling all needs regardless of the size of your company or how many numbers are run through it.

2. Bookkeeping – Keeping accurate records is an important part of running any successful company or business and if you’re suffering in this department we offer virtual employees whom can run the books for you or help to train your own workforce how to appropriately catalog and keep all records and books.

3. Business Intelligence – Knowing how to run a business is key, this includes keeping up to date with all the current innovations and changing times as well knowing how to take your company or business to the next level. This may also include knowing how to pull a company out of a slump. If you’re company is in need of a revamp or further education in any department one of our business intelligence experts or specialist may be just what you need in order to get you the results and numbers you need to increase revenues or get out of a pit.

4. Forms Preparation – When you’re dealing with forms whether for employees, customers business to business it’s important that they are all well put together and lay out. This also could have to do with form development and how to properly handle them in their various stages of usage. To get your team trained in the proper procedures involving forms of any kind or type or to get your system handled for you altogether we have some of the most skilled clerical workers in all fields of industry.

5. Human Resources – HR plays a big part in the success of any company. Taking care of employees and future employees in a professional manner can make or break a business. This can include handling all disputes as well customer care and the processes of hiring and firing in a professional way. This is one of the most important fields in a business and if you’re suffering from unhappy employees or can’t seem to find good ones you may be in dire need of training in your human resources department. If you’d rather we can take the job over altogether and negate your worries completely while train your staff on how to deal with this very personal part of any company.

6. Information Technology – Development is one of the most important aspects of a business and its growth. It’s important that your employees have all the needed education and training at their fingertips so they can keep their skill honed and sharpened. This may also relate to the specialized products and services which your customers need to understand your company and services. In any case we are now in the age of information and the more you know the more successful you will be, this goes on a business to business basis as well as individual.

7. Sales and Business Development – If you’re not selling you’re dying; this is true in every aspect of a company and their success. Selling is one of the most advanced strategies and skills that person can learn, and we have some of the top sellers that can be used to train your staff on how to properly sell. If you’re not getting the profits you need or want that’s because you’re not selling. The best way to learn how to sell is to practice, and second best way is to learn from a pro. Having an effective and clear business model and what you’re purpose is, target market and demographics is all important as well and all makes up the aspects of business development.

8. Training and Development – Training your employees and developing their skills should be a continual effect. Once you’ve got the proper training for your team everything else will naturally begin to fall into place. 9. Web Marketing – We can all agree that the world has gone online, and since that’s the case there is a need for web marketing. In today’s online world there is a need to know what you’re doing; this includes driving traffic, lead generation and sales conversions. There is nothing more important to the success of your business than web marketing and at BIRG we have some of the top marketers that you’ll find anywhere.

How does it work?

Virtual Executive Help is a unique business model that extends cloud-base services through our partners below, who allows us to work directly with you through sharing your desk top or doing a video conferencing meeting.

There is no long term liability and you can easily terminate your agreement and move on to someone else that will become a SME on other areas of concern.

Don't put your business on hold one more day. Remember time is money!

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