Luis Noguiera May 2016

Winner Enterprises Inc. - CEO

Excellent, Excellent I cannot thank BIRG enough for saving my business and providing the infrastructure we needed to realize how profitable we can be. It was hard to give up so much control of my business for a short time but it was well worth it. Thank you BIRG for your patience with me.  

James Bertrand - March 15, 2016

Bertrand Private Investigating - CEO

I am the owner of Bertrand Private Investigating and Bailbonds. They were able to come in and resolve my issues fairly quickly,  get my company exposure by building me a new website and setting a new infrastructure including my phone system, social media, and Adwords Campaigns. This was accomplished with little delay in our day to day operation. I would recommend BIRG to anyone or any business for that matter.

They are GREAT!

Kevin Gillen, March 2017
Private Eyes Background Checks

I am recommending Grace who was a Retail Market Manager managing 20+ banking locations in south-east FL and a few hundred employees 
during my tenure as Regional President.
Grace was an effective recruiter of top talent and had a wonderful skill set to develop all levels of employees. She is an effective and motivating communicator always able to get her teams to take on stretch goals and meet their plans. Talent development was excellent. She has a knack to listen, study and deploy effective and strategic sales management techniques that result in objectives being met for sales, operations and service experience.
You will not find a person with a stronger moral value through the process and she is a person of the highest level of integrity. 
She is a unique person who values and learns from all relationships and approaches everything she does with a great attitude and gratitude. Good leaders manage well thru the good times. Grace had a special ability to connect with her teams and achieve top performance thru the challenging times as well.
Business development and relationship management is a top skill set. Grace really understands and connects with the closely held business owner and is a very effective sales manager teaching how best to develop and manage relationships thru an effective and methodical needs based selling technique.
Grace's over the top performance earned her the top award in the company as a recipient for the CEO Leadership Award. This was a small group among 26m employees.

Nigel Baliram - October 15, 2015

Working with Grace Szambelan has impacted my company in sales performance and customer retention. Her consistent leadership skills have been proven through her experience and her dedication with everything she does. She is very organized, well educated, resourceful, respectful, open minded, great communicator. 

VICTOR M. ANDRADES - October 22, 2015
Audit, Tax, Accounting - CFO

Grace is very detailed and advanced in online marketing and business development. She brought great and fresh ideas to our organization and her solutions are helping to increase our bottom line.

Roman Khodos - January 28, 2015
RK Mortgage Group - CEO

I am writing to tell you of the many fine qualities of Grace Szambelan, whom I have known for over 4 years in various capacities, including COO at Business Intelligence Resource Management. I have had the chance to get to know Grace, and I say without a doubt that you are dealing with a person of very good moral character. Grace operates with integrity and never has a bad word to say about anyone. She is also hardworking and dedicated, and never leaves a job unfinished. On a personal level, may I just say that I really like Grace, and I have no doubts about her abilities to succeed in the future.

Antonio Boyd - January 30th, 2015
President and CEO at Think Tank Consulting Group

I am so pleased and excited to endorse Grace Szambelan. She was one the foremost thought leaders and executors of a local HOPE worldwide Chapter network in the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area. Grace led the successful implementation to start the Chapter. She is passionate about everything she does. She is truly committed when it comes to helping the poor. I am truly grateful to know Grace. In life, you meet those that have a certain positive energy that is undeniable. Grace is one of those people!

Paul Smith - January 29, 2015
Founder and Principal at PDS Consulting, LLC

Having worked with Grace over the past several years, I am very comfortable recommending her because of her strong, well-developed Leadership skills. She leads by example and serves as a coach, mentoring team members to achieve the goals and desired outcomes for the company. Grace is a consummate professional and always a confident Leader with astute Business acumen.

Kim Hazelton -  January 22, 2015
Chief Operations Officer at Alternatives Federal Credit Union

Grace is the consummate leader. She completely transformed the Florida market when it was transitioned from a community banking environment into the corporate culture of TD Bank. Grace not only brought her vision and spirit into the market to implement the culture, she was the force behind the success of the state in sales and service. Grace is a trusted leader who adapts her style with the various leaders and teams that she works with. It has been an honor to work with Grace and I am truly grateful for the experience.

Ray Zentis January 28th, 2015
The Executive Coach

I met Grace when I was facilitating a Leadership Development Program for the Coral Springs Chamber. She demonstrated an exceptional combination of leadership with solid business judgment. She was a star in the class and a comfortable person to work with. I strongly recommend her for positions that would benefit from these strengths.

Jackie Ross - January 27th, 2015
Biscayne Bank

I met Grace while working at TD Bank in Fort Lauderdale. At that time, she was working in a regional management capacity in the retail bank network. During my time there, I found Grace to be a profound believer of employee engagement and as a result, she treated employees at all levels with dignity & respect. A true sign of a good leader. It's my pleasure to write this recommendation for Grace!!l

Kathy Gerstenslager - January 27, 2015

Grace is a people person, she wants what is best for you and will be there for support. Grace is a listener, and leads by example and treats people with respect and supports you when needed. Grace is strong and wants you to be the best you can and brings these qualities out in you by her support and coaching. 

Omar Marquez - January 27, 2015
Certified Funding Group

I worked with Grace while she was the Region Manager. Her leadership skills and business understanding allowed me to maintain my focus while I was growing in the corporate world. Her positive attitude and vision were very important for the entire region, while in her position her region was always #1, Grace Leadership skills maintained my colleagues focus and motivated at all the times. Thank you for everything Grace it is a pleasure working with you!

Carlos J Vargas - January 29, 2015
Ocean Bank
Grace and I worked together at TD Bank, where she was the Regional Marketing Manager for the West Broward area. Her strongest assets are leadership, management, and customer relations. She is a very centered executive with a lot of energy and enthusiasm in everything she does. Grace is an added-value to any organization.